The village named Sivas is 60km away from Heraklion and is located in the South Crete.


Vathi beach is located much souther than Matala and west of Kaloi Limenes, in a place of unique beauty in southern Crete, on a small bay 17km from the traditional village Sivas.

The beach is not organized at all. Rooms to let and taverns can only be found at the village Sivas or even farther. However, it can offer its visitors a perfect blue sea and above all peace.

You can reach Vathi beach by car (4χ4) or by off road motorcycle because after Sivas the only road is dirt and rough. On the way to the beach you can visit the Holy Monastery of Odigitria which is nearby.


Agiofaraggo(holy gorge) is located to the north coastline of the prefecture of Heraklion. Its name is due to the fact that many people led an ascetic life there because of the seclusion of the area.
The beach is not organized at all but has a beautiful and rather calm sea. It offers its visitors peace and relaxation.

There are many ways to reach Agiofaraggo. You can go by car up to a certain point (2km away from the Monastery of Odigitria) and then on foot for about a 45 minutes’ walk. You can also get there by boat from the ports of Kokkinos Pyrgos, Agia Galini or the small port of Kaloi Limenes.


Faistos, the second Minoan Palace in Crete, which overlooks the fertile low land of Messara, is located in the south-central part of the island about 3km from the village Sivas.

The Minoan Palace of Faistos corresponds to a thriving city which, not accidentally, was developed in the fertile low land of Messara during the prehistoric times, this means from 6000 B.C up to around the 1st century B.C, as archeological findings certify.

It was inhabited around 4000 B.C. A palace dated from the Mid Bronze Age, was completely destroyed by an earthquake during the Later Bronze Age, when it was almost immediately rebuilt.

It is considered as one of the most important archeological sites in Crete and receives thousands of visitors every year.


Matala became famous worldwide in the 70's, when the hippies moved in masses in the area and inhabited the famous caves. It is an area of unique and special beauty, which is located 67km southwest of Heraklion.

It is inhabited from the prehistoric years and it is said that the caves were homes to prehistoric people. Inside some caves, tombs of the Roman times were found. At the ancient times, Matala together with the nearby settlement Kommo, constituted the port of Faistos. Archeological researches brought to light many ancient shipwrecks at this area.

Nowadays Matala are one of the most popular places in the prefecture of Heraklion. In this picturesque settlement work many small businesses of any kind which are based on tourism.


The sandy beach of Kommos is a continuation of the beach Kalamaki with view of the open sea of the bay of Messara. It is located 9km southwest of Moires and 2km from the Mediterranean village Pitsida.

The main characteristic of the beach are the nests of the sea turtle caretta-caretta, which are met when someone walks on the beach and are distinguished by wire protective shields.

It is an organized beach which is located near the small towns of the inland. At a short distance there are hotels, rooms to let and taverns with fresh fish and food. The beach offers its visitors, apart from the wonderful sea, many facilities for swimming and sunbathing.

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