Tom Schelkens und Yvonne Pagel
Submitted at 18.09.2011, 19:07:57

Jasu und Hello!! A big THANK YOU to Georgios, Stefano, Odysos (sorry if we spelled the name wrong :( ) for the great hospitality and kindness, the great food, all the wine + raki and the invitation to the party at Komo Beach. We really had an awesome time with you and the other guys. We?ll definitely come back for a visit. Without you our vacation would have been half as good as it was. Efkaristo!! :) You all take care! Jassu Tom + Yvonne

Submitted at 14.06.2011, 10:33:38

Jasu Favis, ehis ftiaxi mia orea selida Ta leme Achilleas

Submitted at 25.05.2011, 19:07:06

oS razy Oh. Doesnt mattdr

Submitted at 23.12.2010, 11:56:51

So..... where is toilet? Hehe))) Joke, relax ;) Hih you hear me??

Γιάννης Πάντζαλης
Submitted at 14.12.2010, 21:19:55

Καταπληκτική Ταβέρνα ! Θα ξανάρθουμε Γιάννης

Submitted at 04.11.2010, 20:19:51

Σαν τον Γιωργη κανεις !!!

Bernhard from Cologne
Submitted at 14.06.2010, 11:31:46

Great food, great people! See you again on Tuesday!

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